My First Henna Experience

This is about my first experience with Henna. I have been hearing so much  about it and a friend of mine said she was going to try it. So we went to the store and bought some. I was a little confused about how to do it because she was telling me one thing and then i watched youtube videos and it was totally different. So i decided to do it the best way i I used 1/2 cup Organo Gold Red Tea and three packets of the Henna. It wasn't pasty like the videos i seen but watery like regular dye you buy in the store. I let it sit for about 4hrs. When i was ready to put it on i put newspaper everywhere in my bathroom and kitchen. I put some honey and olive oil in the mixture before putting it on my hair. It was really messy since it was watery and despite the newspaper i got specks of dye on my walls and counter top, so be careful. I put a cap on my head and let it sit for an hour before rinsing it out with conditioner. It was kinda hard to get out and i still had some left after all that but it flakes out of your hair anyways. I let my hair air dry and slept with a dark towel on my pillow because it will stain your pillows and bedding. I wouldn't do this alot but maybe 2-3 times a year because it was too much. Am i happy with my results, yes. My hair was already dyed but it had a little more copper feel to it. But what i am most happiest about is how healthy my hair looked and how soft it made it. I wore a puff a couple days after, then i decided to twist my hair. I was suprised how loose my curl pattern was and when i twisted it i could actually see my length. And it seemed like i flat ironed it because it was so much easier to get through. I put pictures below to show my process.
                                          The Henna and the Red Tea
                                          Henna in the bowl
                                          Henna mixed up
                                          Before my dry hair
                                          During the process
                                          Afrter with my Steelers Bow

                                          So easy to get through my hair
                                          Products i used afterwards

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